4 Elements To Add To Your Dream Home

4 Elements To Add To Your Dream Home

So, you’ve done it – you finally have your dream home. The design is realized just how you always imagined it in your head. The modern home aesthetic that you were swinging for comes across powerfully. The angles and overall architecture are precise and accurate to a tee. But, of course, eventually the inevitable question comes up: How can I make it better?

Here are a few of our ideas to spruce up perfection:

Home Gym

A Home Gym

You might make the mistake of thinking that a treadmill in your basement or a weight-set in your office constitutes a “gym.” Anything larger would belong in a rec center or its very own building, right? Wrong. Residential gyms not only offer convenience but also represent a prioritized approach to your health that can set the tone for part of your home. It demonstrates to anyone that enters what you’re all about. Maybe exercise isn’t your idea of luxury? How about:

Tv on the wall  in a media room

A Media Room

Imagine designing your personal movie theater. Huge speakers, quality projection, reclining seats – and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to go because it has all been constructed to fit your needs. A personalized media room can become a kind of hearth where your family and friends can gather and make new memories together, or share old ones on the big screen. But, beyond big gatherings there is the key fact that this is your dream home. So maybe what you need is:

a walk in closet

A Walk-In Closet

The closet is one of the most personal places in anyone’s home, so why contain yourself? Let your wardrobe spread out according to your design! Include as many drawers, racks, mirrors, and light fixtures as you want to make sure that your closet better represents you. With modern tweaks like hideaway storage sections and rotating clothing racks, you can practically turn your walk-in into a clothing store. But, if it’s an entirely new space that you’re searching for, look no further than:

the guest house

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

What’s better than one dream home? How about two? An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is one of the most recent architectural trends, especially when it comes to those who are having custom homes built for them. An ADU is an entire other living space, complete with everything you would want or need in a home, situated, above, around, or even below your existing home. Design it yourself as a pet project, rent it out to a tenant, or hold onto it as a second space to escape to – an ADU is a true representation of modern luxury.

This all might sound extravagant, but as the name implies, it is your dream home. The only limit is what you can imagine.

This is especially true with the pre-planning process, emphasis on collaboration, and unparalleled design innovation offered by Peak Architecture. We want to help you make the wildest visions of your home a reality.

So visit https://www.PeakArchitecture.com/ or call us at (970) 279-5485 and let’s see if we can bring those dreams to life.