Going beyond the basics of eco-friendly building, Passive House design is the industry’s newest set of standards for developing low-carbon-footprint homes. In order to be designated a “passive house,” the structure must meet a set of best practices, making it practically impervious to outside temperatures and elements while maintaining interior comfort with little use of energy. The intent of passive building design is to reduce the amount of energy used for heating and cooling by up to 90 percent.

Furthermore, the superior ventilation systems approved for passive building ensures improved indoor air quality, eliminating fumes, allergens, and contaminants.  IAQ = Indoor Air Quality

Utilizing the principles of passive house design, our architects work to optimize the efficiency and comfort of every home and commercial structure we design. Our focus is aimed at creating airtight building envelopes that protect from weather and provide moisture control to improve comfort within the spaces. Somewhat complicated, passive house design simply incorporates a number of integrative factors that, when working in conjunction, provide the easiest way to ensure a net-zero ready project.

Due to our experience in local communities, we can help you navigate the complex regulations of the specific town or city in which you reside. Our team can assist across the following locations:

  • Aspen
  • Basalt
  • Carbondale
  • Glenwood Springs
  • Snowmass
  • And More

Is passive building design right for your next new construction or remodeling project? We can help you determine just how it can benefit you with a no-obligation architectural consultation. Contact the Peak Architecture team now for more information.